Welcome to Darou Pajouhan Pasargad

DarouPajohanPasargad Pvt. Ltd. is an Iranian Pharmaceutical Company established in 2014. The Company is directed, funded and organized by a group of University Lecturers and Professors in Iran. The ambition of the Company is to improve the quality of living, ameliorate healthcare and access to affordable medicine in the Country. The goal of the company is to prosper the quality of Research and Development (R&D) with advanced methodology and formulation by latest technology and innovation. Company's business units include Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) synthesis and formulation of pharmaceutical products such as contrast medias. We have over 11 formulated products, which are either commercially available in market or will be lunched soon. The Company’s aim is to expand the business by formulating and producing more products in future. We have an open opportunity for joint ventures with international pharmaceutical companies for partnership and cooperation.

DPP Vision and Mission


None Shall be Denied.


DPP's mission is to be a leading global healthcare company which uses technology and innovation to meet everyday needs of all patients.




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